What to Do for Under $10 – Week of September 4th – 10th

Now that we are in September there are a lot of great things to do in
the Denver Front Range Area. The following is a list of some of the
things you can do this week in Denver for $10 or under

Live Party Hits and Cocktail Buckets With Howl at the Moon

Howl at the Moon Howl at the Moon brings together a live concert and a full bar so you can
party the night away as musicians jam out their own renditions of dance
anthems and party hits. Whether it’s that pop song you hear on repeat
on the radio or a good old ’90s throwback, Howl at the Moon re-charges
each tune with a new, refreshing kick that gets the crowd jumping.
Massive buckets of sugar-fueled cocktails will keep your energy up at
this non-stop party that rocks the Rockies and keeps downtown Denver
dancing all night long
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Shakespeare+ Denver’sTop Improvisers = Voodoo Comedy’s “Makeshift Shakespeare”


Shakespeare None of Shakespeare’s comedies, tragedies or histories are safe from the
hilariously unpredictable and fast-on-their-feet improvisers of
“Makeshift Shakespeare”. Each week, Denver’s brainiest improv troupe
creates new Shakespearean plays on the spot at Voodoo Comedy Playhouse,
based solely on an audience member’s suggestion for a title. The
unlimited possibilities of improvisation combine with the richness of
William Shakespeare’s legacy, turning the language, characters and
stories from the greatest playwright who ever lived into something
totally new — and totally hilarious
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“DORK: Improvised Dungeons & Dragons” — You Control the Comedy

Dork Voodoo Comedy Playhouse invites all you LARPers and rollers of 20-sided dice
(and all of you who have no idea what either of those things means) to
take control of the comedic fates of the stars of this improvised
adventure-comedy show. “DORK: Improvised Dungeons & Dragons”
finds a warrior, a wizard, a rogue and a cleric in the thick of battle,
armed to the teeth with … well, foam swords. Now you, the audience
members, must guide their adventure with the help of some oversize d20
dice for an on-the-spot show that’s sure to be filled with mirth,
mayhem and monsters
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“Hit and Run: Musical Improv” — Broadway-Style Shows Created on the Spot

Hit and Run Get ready for a spontaneous Broadway-style, song-and-dance spectacular
courtesy of Colorado’s premier unscripted musical comedy team. Each
week, audience members throw out suggestions, and the performers of Hit
and Run create an hour long musical comedy on the spot with live music.
From the melodies to the lyrics and choreography, every show is
different. You’ll see flashy dance moves, soaring ballads and more
emotional outbursts than “Rent” and “The Phantom of the Opera”
combined. While Stephen Sondheim and Andrew Lloyd Webber may take years
to write a musical, Hit and Run thinks fast on their feet and sings
whatever pops into their heads, debuting a hilarious new show every
time they step on stage at Denver’s Voodoo Comedy Playhouse
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Plan the Wedding of a Lifetime at the Colorado Bridal Show

Bridaal Show Planning a wedding is no joke. The number of things you have to think about can
be pretty overwhelming, and one small  
hitch in the plan can unravel the whole thing. Draw it out over a few months and it’s enough to drive you nuts. That’s where the Colorado Bridal Show comes in. Here, you can
peruse a wide array of possible party and service locations, attend a
bridal gown fashion show to get an idea of what looks best on you,
sample food and desert for various catering companies and register for
premiere honeymoon spots. Everything you need for the wedding of your
dreams is gathered here in one place; you’ll be saying “I do” in no
time flat.
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Sketch Comedy Troupe
The Agency at Voodoo Comedy Playhouse

Comedy With hit TV shows like “Key & Peele”, “Inside Amy Schumer” and
“Portlandia”, it’s clear that sketch comedy is enjoying a renaissance.
But there’s nothing that can equal the energy of live comedy, and while
you might never get a chance to attend a broadcast of “SNL”, you can
catch hilarious, edgy sketch comedy right here in Denver at the Voodoo
Comedy Playhouse with sketch troupe The Agency’s weekly show “Bits and
Pieces”. With ever-changing sketches and some of Denver’s best
comedians, this show is always full of surprises
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