With summer finally warming the country, it’s time to travel and visit new places. However, not every vacation needs to break your budget. There are plenty of free things to do in any city if you know where to look. Summertime in Denver offers plenty of these free activities and adventures. This article will discuss a few different free events and experiences that you and your family can enjoy while visiting the city of Denver.

1. Union Station

One place that you should visit is the historic Union Station. If you want to learn some of the histories of the city, then this is the place to begin. This station is the main hub for transportation for the city. However, it also boasts a hotel. The Crawford Hotel was built in the station house after a fire in 1914 damaged the facility. The hotel offers tours of the station. There is also an award-winning restaurant that you can enjoy when it’s time to splurge for some food.


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2. The Colorado State Capitol Building

Since this city is the capital of Colorado, the state capitol building can be toured. In fact, the building itself is quite a marvel to behold. It uses rare onyx marble in some of its construction and also has stained glass windows that depict certain moments of the building’s history as well as the offices and functions that are performed within the building. There are self-guided tours of the building that are free to the public. These are able to be done during business hours on weekdays.



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3. The Clyfford Still Museum

For those who love art and free Denver events, you cannot miss attending The Clyfford Still Museum. This museum houses the art pieces of Clyfford Still. He was a popular abstract expressionist artist who created powerful works of art following World War II. This museum holds 800 of his paintings and over 1,500 works that he did on paper. Access to this museum is free every Friday evening as well as throughout Friday on the last Friday of the month. Some of these free days even come with guided tours during select hours.



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4. Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre

One of the most popular Denver activities is hiking and music. You can do both when you choose to visit Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre. The amphitheater itself boasts musical concerts and events from time to time. Sometimes these are even free. The Colorado Music Hall of Fame is also located here, and you are allowed to visit it and learn about the famous musicians who came from Colorado.


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5. The Denver Art Museum

Another free event to consider is at the Denver Art Museum. Every first Saturday of the month is free, so make sure you plan your trip accordingly. This expansive museum host over 70,000 works. These art pieces range from present day works all the way back to ancient pieces that have been discovered. Most of these ancient pieces stem from the pre-Colombian era and are indigenous to the state. They also place an emphasis on showcasing modern indigenous artworks as well.


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6. Cherry Creek State Park

If your family likes to get outside and have fun, then you can enjoy yourselves at the Cherry Creek State Park. Summertime in Denver even allows its visitors to swim, boat, and fish at the park’s reservoir. There are plenty of activities that you can do here. It spans over 880 acres. There are a ton of different trails to explore that also offer glimpses of wildlife. Birdwatching is another popular hobby that is performed at the state park.


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7. Art on Film

One of the free Denver events that you should consider is the Art on Film events. This is an annual summer event that showcases foreign films and arthouse films. It can be a great time to take in some new culture and watch pieces that were made with a great deal of heart. This event is typically hosted in the art district of the city on Santa Fe. You can also typically find other art events that are free to attend throughout the summer.

8. Coors Brewery Tours

If you love beer, then you need to take a visit to the Coors Headquarters. There are free tours that are available for a half hour. You can even have a small sample of the company’s beers after the tour is over. That’s provided you are of legal drinking age, of course.

9. Hammond’s Candies Factory Tour

For children, you can take them to Hammond’s Candies Factory Tour. Of all the Denver activities that are available to them, you can be sure that they’ll enjoy this one the most. The tour takes you through the factory and shows you how they make their delectable candies. Perhaps the best part is that you get to take home a few of their treats to try and enjoy.


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10. Aurora Parks & Recreation

If you need to cool down, then you should visit Aurora. They have five outdoor pools that are free to use every Friday. If your family just wants to swim for a few hours or relax under the sun, then this is the place to do it without costing you a single dime.