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    Kelly Diekmann
    March 24, 2020

    Dr. Hartwig is hands down the best vet we've ever had. She is the perfect combination of logical and compassionate for a vet. She is great at getting to know her patients and understanding their owners, so whether discussing kennel cough in our puppy, or liver failure in our senior dog, she knows how to approach the subject best with us, on our level. I appreciate how sweet and gentle she is with our dogs, and even more importantly, our dogs love her! Plus her office is well organized and very responsive.

    KyraLyn Sullivan
    December 14, 2016

    I highly recommend Dr. Hartwig at Tender Loving Care Animal Hospital for this reason (well, for this reason among many others): Her dedication to finding a solution that works for both the animal and the owner is unsurpassed. My dog was not easy to handle, and his issues were not easy to treat; Dr. Hartwig's knowledge of canine allergies and her willingness to spend time and effort over the past six years to alleviate his suffering was a godsend. She stuck with us through a few setbacks until we found a solution that worked for everybody, and I never felt taken advantage of financially or otherwise. She thoroughly explained each tactic before we tried it and never put me in an uncomfortable position regarding the care of my pet--the final decisions were always up to me. I also found Dr. Hartwig to be responsive to my emails and phone calls, and in those "What do I do?" panic moments over the phone she was eternally patient and thorough, making sure I felt comfortable before ending the call. Tender Loving Care Animal Hospital in Longmont is a good facility with a courteous, professional, knowledgeable staff. Thumbs up.

    Juliana M Sartor
    May 01, 2019

    My 8-year-old cat had a lump on her tail that I had been trying to ignore for a while after a UTI cost me 1200 to treat at a vet in Boulder. I finally decided to try TLC Animal Hospital after moving to Longmont, and I'm so glad I did. Dr. Hartwig is very straightforward and thorough, both in her treatment and explanations of treatment and care plans. Knowing cost was an issue, she helped me make an informed decision to partially amputate my cat's tail, as the lump was too large to remove. She explained how I needed to prepare my home and my cat for post-surgery care, which was immensely helpful as I was able to get my cat to practice wearing an e-collar, be separated from our other cat, practice taking medicine, etc. I felt very confident in Dr. Hartwig's ability to perform the surgery, and knew my kitty would be in great hands. It's been about two months since the surgery and my cat is doing perfectly. As the fur grows back on her tail, you can't even tell there was an incision. When I had questions before and after the procedure, Dr. Hartwig answered them helpfully by phone. On top of it all, I was surprised to find the cost of the surgery, as well as my initial visit, to be far below my expectations (compared to Boulder vets--Dr. Hartwig outlined all of the expenses ahead of time for me, and her estimate was basically spot-on). Another thing I really appreciated about Dr. Hartwig was her friendliness and compassion--I felt guilty for waiting so long to take care of this issue, and I was never once made to feel at fault or ashamed, which I really appreciated. The only issue I've encountered with this facility is that I often have had to leave a voicemail when calling, as the staff is typically busy. If you call and don't get a receptionist, just leave a message and someone will call you back! I can't recommend Dr. Hartwig enough!

    Linda Brennan
    December 18, 2019

    Late last spring, we started noticing a change in our 9 year old lab, Sophie's, mobility. Activities that had been part of her daily routine were becoming a struggle for her...eg. jumping up on the couch, going up and down the stairs, and running around the backyard. After about a week, we knew we needed to find someone who has a heart for animals in need. As we searched the list, Tender Loving Care Animal Hospital sounded like just the place we hoped existed. Within minutes of meeting Dr. Hartwig, her love, concern, and expertise toward animals were apparent. She gently examined Sophie and shared with me that Sophie may have been experiencing pain longer than I was aware. She developed a pain management plan. We started noticing improvements within days. Over the next few months, Sophie experienced some ups and downs. But, with Dr. Hartwig's continued care she improved. Every time I walked in the door, I was greeted with Benjamin's smile. Now six months later, Sophie is back to jumping up on the couch, going up and down the stairs, and running around the backyard. It was an emotional journey made so much easier with Dr. Hartwig's gentle, professional approach. I know Sophie will be well cared for the rest of her life. Thank you Dr. Hartwig and Benjamin!

    Jan Owens
    November 27, 2021

    I want to say Thank you to Dr. Tricia Hartwig for treating my seven year old cat companion Sammy when she had a high fever emergency. She even took time on Thanksgiving to check on her and give her more antibiotics. I have been a client of TLC for approximately 15 years. Dr Hartwig has always been available when needed, she has been kind, honest and professional with every visit. Thank you Dr. Hartwig for being the best veterinarian I have ever met! Sammy , Willa & I Appreciate You & Your Staff! Sincerely Jan

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