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    David Drago
    September 06, 2023

    They got me in last minute before a holiday weekend for an HVAC problem. Ultimately unable to fix the issue in time (part would not arrive before the weekend), but they told me exactly the part I needed, and I was able to order it and have it waiting for me in my destination city upon arrival. They did an hour of diagnostic work and only charged me for a half hour. Very friendly and took the time to explain to me what I needed. I would definitely be bringing my car back to them in the future if I lived in Denver.

    Debbie Vega
    May 25, 2023

    Jere and his team are awesome! Over the years we have taken multiple vehicles to Sun Valley for maintenance and repairs. My husband drove a 2001 GMC Jimmy for 20 years. As the vehicle got older it occasionally had an issue that needed attention. The advice is always spot on, they give you all the options, pros/cons so that you can make a good decision based on age and use of the vehicle. When a repair was not worthwhile they gave their honest opinion, never try to "over-sell" you something that's not necessary or not practical. They are always honest and have earned our trust time and time again. We highly recommend Sun Valley Automotive!

    Ian Gowing
    June 08, 2023

    Absolute scam, avoid at all costs. Brought my car in to diagnose a misfire/running rough. They claimed it was due to worn out spark plugs and quoted $750. That seemed excessive for a ~30-40 minute job, and I was confused as I had replaced the spark plugs maybe 15000 miles before. They told me I had installed the cheapest, worst $1.99 spark plugs, but they were Bosch iridium plugs. I declined the service and was charged a diagnostic fee of ~$150. Upon removal my spark plugs were entirely fine, the misfire was due to a leaky valve cover gasket they had failed to diagnose. Find a better shop with fair prices, that actually diagnoses issues instead of this dishonest trash pit. Also kinda creeped out by the row of cartridges the service writer keeps on their desk….nothing like the American combination of lies, money, and deadly weapons.

    Suzanne Covington
    August 11, 2023

    These guys are true professionals. Honest and thorough, they do great work. Took the time to explain things to our 19 year old in a way that made sense to her so that she feels more confident with her vehicle.

    John YouDontNeedToKnowMyName
    August 04, 2023

    The best and most reputable shop on this side of town- though, I'd watch your wallet, depending on the job. After years of going here and recommending my friends and family, I think it's about time I gave this place the proper justice in helping out other people look for a trustworthy shop by saying that this shop has given the best repair experiences I've had, hands down. I'm a DIY mechanic for most things regarding my car that I can do without needing special tools, but I hate diagnosing issues with it figuring it can end up as an expensive game of wack-a-mole if you're not careful. Every time something has come up I can't figure out myself, I get almost always a same-day turnaround as to the issue, the fix, and a quote as to the price. They are normally booked out 3-5 days anytime I've called, but they make sure the service is done right and promptly when you do make it in. Because of this, I'm fairly versed as to when shady mechanics and sales reps are trying to sell me things I don't need too, and I can confidently say I've never had an issue with these guys. They're to the point and accurate with all issues and fixes I've needed, even when it was apparent they could've tried to rope me into more repairs that weren't exactly necessary. As for price, the labor seems fairly quoted for the jobs I've had them do; that being said, I will explain the slight caveat here, which is that these guys are honest mechanics, which generally run a "do it right the first time and you won't need to do it a second" approach. Depending on the mechanic, some will buy parts of reputable retailers in the parts industry, while others will buy OEM (your car brand) parts without hesitation, footing you the bill of the generally more expensive parts knowing they're likely not to fail if installed correctly. I had them quote an AC repair on my car two years ago, and I just got around to doing the job myself this summer. Pretty much all the major parts except one needed to be replaced, so the bill was around $2200, but looking at the quote had me a bit puzzled. They quoted around $1400 in labor, which is fair, figuring it would be a slog of a job to do (and it was), but they quoted the parts at around $800. Most mechanics shop through rockauto, an online retailer, for parts to get the best deals, and ordering the same parts got me around $450 instead of the almost double pricetag they got to. Keep in mind this bill was quoted two years ago; these prices are likely to be even higher if updated in today's landscape. Like said, I assume they were ordering OEM (official Ford) parts for my car to make sure the job gets done right, or with express shipping to get the job done faster, but it's just something to note if you're not one to generally work out your own fixes on your car and you're a bit strapped of cash. Either way, I'd rather them be honest and get the job done than be sparing or dodgy about the repair and mess it up. Regardless, these past 3 years with their services have been nothing but outstanding, and I'll continue to keep turning to them as my go-to. Keep up the great work fellas.

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